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fixing a typo in the docs

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Aaron Newton authored

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@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ The `-options` value is parsed as JSON first (it's slightly more permissive in t
25 25
26 26 If you attempt to read a value that isn't defined in this options object, the property name is attempted to be read from the property directly (e.g. `data-behaviorname-prop`). This value is *always* a string unless you specify a type. If a type is specified the value is run through the JSON parser and validated against that type.
27 27
28   -BehaviorAPI Method: get {#BehaviorAPI:getAs}
  28 +BehaviorAPI Method: get {#BehaviorAPI:get}
29 29 ------------------------------------------
30 30
31 31 Gets a value for the specified name.

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