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Fixing some dependency graph issues.

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1 parent de24828 commit 4bb34fcfaf3001a30f72f56e49376467ada2b0eb @anutron committed Feb 20, 2012
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
name: Behavior.Autocompleter
description: Adds support for Autocompletion on form inputs.
provides: [Behavior.Autocomplete, Behavior.Autocompleter]
-requires: [Behavior/Behavior, /Autocompleter.Local, /Autocompleter.Remote]
+requires: [Behavior/Behavior, /Autocompleter.Local, /Autocompleter.Remote, More/Object.Extras]
script: Behavior.Autocomplete.js
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
name: Behavior.StickyWin
description: Behaviors for StickyWin instances.
provides: [Behavior.StickyWin]
-requires: [Behavior/Behavior, /StickyWin, /StickyWin.Modal, /StickyWin.Fx, /StickyWin.Drag, More/Array.Extras]
+requires: [Behavior/Behavior, /StickyWin, /StickyWin.Modal, /StickyWin.Fx, /StickyWin.Drag, More/Array.Extras, More/Object.Extras]
script: Behavior.Tabs.js
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
name: Behavior.Tabs
description: Adds a tab interface (TabSwapper instance) for elements with .css-tab_ui. Matched with tab elements that are .tabs and sections that are .tab_sections.
provides: [Behavior.Tabs]
-requires: [Behavior/Behavior, /TabSwapper, More/String.QueryString]
+requires: [Behavior/Behavior, /TabSwapper, More/String.QueryString, More/Object.Extras]
script: Behavior.Tabs.js
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ Behavior.addGlobalFilters({
var tabs = element.getElements(api.get('tabs-selector'));
var sections = element.getElements(api.get('sections-selector'));
if (tabs.length != sections.length || tabs.length == 0) {
-'warning; sections and sections are not of equal number. tabs: %o, sections: %o', tabs, sections);
+'warning; sections and sections are not of equal number. tabs: ' + tabs.length + ', sections: ' + sections.length);
var getHash = function(){
return window.location.hash.substring(1, window.location.hash.length).parseQueryString();

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