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Delegator (latest) has problem with focus/blur #107

rolfnl opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Rolf Aaron Newton
rolfnl commented

This is an issue in Firefox (latest stable) but not in Safari or Chrome.

With current Delegator release:

Open console too and see how it trips. This is caused by the registered ['focus','blur'] events..

With the december 2011 Delegator release it does not trip:

I think this has to do with the "adding support for custom events in Delegator" because that is the only difference in the releases, but I have not been able to check out the source yet to try and find the problem/solution.

PS > also tested with MT 1.4 release, but it has the same results

Aaron Newton
anutron commented

this ticket is 2 yrs old and I apologize for letting it sit here. I just tested it and seems to work now: (updated paths)

Aaron Newton anutron closed this
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