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Changed another to Browser.ie6 #103

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did you test this with other versions of IE?


This line looks like a gif fallback for missing transparent png support of IE6, so i did not tested it. And like the other line this one was also Browser.engine.trident4 in an older version of clientcide.

It could be improved to trigger for IE<=6, but I do not know if you want to support older IE then 6.


I've checked the png images in IE7-9 and they show like they should, with a smooth aliased border.

@anutron anutron merged commit 5ed9f53 into anutron:master
@RiZKiT RiZKiT deleted the RiZKiT:patch-8 branch
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Commits on Jun 5, 2012
  1. Changed another to Browser ie6

    Aicke Schulz authored
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  1. +1 −1  Source/UI/StickyWin.UI.Pointy.js
2  Source/UI/StickyWin.UI.Pointy.js
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ StickyWin.UI.Pointy = new Class({
Object.append(this.options, this.options.themes[this.options.theme]);
this.options.baseHref = this.options.baseHref || Clientcide.assetLocation + '/PointyTip/';
this.options.divot = this.options.divot.substitute(this.options, /\\?\{%([^}]+)%\}/g);
- if ( this.options.divot = this.options.divot.replace(/png/g, 'gif');
+ if (Browser.ie6) this.options.divot = this.options.divot.replace(/png/g, 'gif');
this.options.css = this.options.css.substitute(this.options, /\\?\{%([^}]+)%\}/g);
if (args.options && args.options.theme) {
while (! {
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