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The Clientcide Javascript Libraries

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The Clientcide Javascript Repository

Clientcide's code is released under the Open Source MIT license, which gives you the possibility to use it and modify it in every circumstance. It is built on the MooTools JavaScript framework and has dependencies on MooTools Core and MooTools More.



  • Migrate bugs to lighthouse


  • MultipleOpenAccordion
    • now only takes options
    • openAll defaults to false
  • CiUI (iPhone code)
  • Browser.Extras
    • methods now either part of URI class or stand alone string methods
    • Browser.qs deprecated entirely; use new URI().getData()
  • Class.Binds
    • mutator is now upper case (Binds instead of binds)
  • Class.Refactor
    • no longer an instance method (you can'd to Foo.refactor({props}) - you must do Foo = Class.refactor(Foo, props))
  • Element.Forms
    • deprecated Element property inputValue; too confusing!
  • Element.Position
    • Element.setPosition is now Element.position and vice versa. I.e. Element.position (which in MooTools 1.2.1 took an object with x/y coords for top/left) is now Element.setPosition. Element.setPosition (which in the previous Clientcide libs took options for relative positioning) is now Element.position.
  • Element.Shortcuts
    • Element.isVisible is Element.isDisplayed
  • IframeShim
    • options:zindex renamed to zIndex
  • OverText
    • no longer takes a collection of inputs.
    • .showTxt > .show, .hideTxt > .hide
    • .hide and .show no longer take the element and 'focus' arguments.
    • .repositionAll is gone; .repositionOverTxt is now just .reposition; it does not take an argument
  • String.Extras
    • findAllEmails gone, too specific
  • Date
    • deprecated String.zeroise
  • JsonP
    • renamed to Request.JSONP
    • constructor/send/prepareUrl take options hash, no longer an url directly (like Request)
    • user can change options on the fly when calling send() with a new hash, reusing the object
    • added check method. support for link: ignore, cancel, chain (like Request)
    • added success, request and cancel events
    • data can be a hash or string now (like Request)
    • queryString option gone
    • makeUrl logic now moved to new getScript(), which directly returns the script
    • changed how it essentially works. instead of storing the object reference, we store a new function every time a request is made, that keeps a reference of the script element and the object instance.
    • abortAfter and timeout gone. there's now a single timeout for retries and for when retries run out.
    • globalFunction gone, deemed useless
  • Request.Queue
    • event names all renamed; onRequestStart >> onRequest, onRequestSuccess >> onSuccess, etc
  • StickyWin
    • StickyWin.Fx is now just StickyWin.
  • MultipleOpenAccordion
    • Now only takes an options argument; container argument is deprecated.

Breaking Changes in MooTools More

  • FormValidator
    • The base FormValidator class no longer injects advice into the document. You must use FormValidator.Inline for this behavior.
  • Class.refactor
    • this.parent is no longer useful; you must use this.previous
  • String.cleanQueryString
    • if you specify a custom message its arguments are now key, value (before it was set where set was "key=value").
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