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MooTools Plugins and Enhancements Repository





Changes in MooTools More

NOTE: none of the changes below are breaking changes.

  • over 30 issues fixed or closed (in lighthouse)
  • New feature: Element.Delegation - a partial port of event delegation from MooTools 2.0 (does not support custom events or blur/focus)
  • New feature: Elements.From converts html strings to DOM elements
  • New feature: Depender - a client side MooTools dependency loader ** Related: Depender App - a server side implementation (that's much faster)
  • New feature: Mask - masks elements (including the window) with a semi-opaque overlay (previously known as Modalizer on
  • New feature: Spinner - automates the creation of ajax spinners over DOM elements being updated (previously known as Waiter on
  • New feature: Form.Request, Form.Request.Append - automates creating ajax forms that update HTML in DOM elements
  • New feature: HtmlTable, HtmlTable.Zebra, HtmlTable.Sort, HtmlTable.Select - interactive and auto-generated html table elements
  • New feature: Keyboard - a robust event manager for keyboard groupings
  • Added new option to Fx.Accordion: returnHeightToAuto
  • Added credit card number validator to FormValidator
  • FormValidator is now Form.Validator
  • MooTools Lang is now a part of MooTools More (again)
  • Added timeDiff method to Date.Extras
  • Added ability to ignore scroll position with Element.Position
  • Element.setPosition is now Element.position (non-breaking change)
  • Added hideAll and showAll methods for OverText
  • Added Element.isVisible method
  • URI's get method no longer returns null for missing parts; it returns an empty string.
  • Various other tweaks and bug fixes
Changes to Clientcide plugins adopted by MooTools More in this release
  • Fupdate is now named Form.Request; see compat layer on

Changes in MooTools More

  • Issues fixed (in lighthouse): #50, #55, #65, and various other minor bugs
  • Replaced all occurrences of $ with
  • Overhauled Date.js
  • Prevented overtext from focusing on inputs except when they are interacted with
  • Moved some methods from Date.Extras into Date because of some dependencies that weren't seen before.
  • Added for all browsers. Removed unnecessary genericization.
  • Date.define2DigitYearStart now in effect. Defaults to 1970. 2 digit dates before 70 will default to 2000*
  • Fx.Scroll: added scrollIntoView method
  • JSONP was calling this.request instead of this.send
  • Patch for FormValidator.Inline's scrollFxOptions being ignored, see clientcide bug.
  • Updated Iframeshim's empty document creation; fixes https issues in IE6
  • OverText now stops polling when elements are hidden (when polling is enabled).
  • Added error callback for Assets.images

Changes in MooTools More

  • Issues fixed (in lighthouse): #47, #38, and various other minor bugs
  • Updated the OverText class to allow for the user to set the element type.

Breaking changes from RC1

  • URI
    • domain renamed to host
  • Fx.Accordion
    • no longer organizes the DOM for you

Breaking Changes from More

  • Tips
    • options:offsets in Tips renamed to offset
  • Accorion
    • renamed to Fx.Accordion
  • SmoothScroll
    • renamed to Fx.SmoothScroll

Breaking Changes from Clientcide

  • IframeShim
    • options:zindex renamed to zIndex
  • JsonP
    • renamed to Request.JSONP
    • constructor/send/prepareUrl take options hash, no longer an url directly (like Request)
    • user can change options on the fly when calling send() with a new hash, reusing the object
    • added check method. support for link: ignore, cancel, chain (like Request)
    • added success, request and cancel events
    • data can be a hash or string now (like Request)
    • queryString option gone
    • makeUrl logic now moved to new getScript(), which directly returns the script
    • changed how it essentially works. instead of storing the object reference, we store a new function every time a request is made, that keeps a reference of the script element and the object instance.
    • abortAfter and timeout gone. there's now a single timeout for retries and for when retries run out.
    • globalFunction gone, deemed useless
  • Browser.Extras completely refactored into URI Native object
    • Browser.redraw is gone
  • Class.Binds no longer supports lowercase binds
  • Element.fxOpacityOk (which was never documented or intended for external use) is gone
  • Element.isVisible renamed to Element.isDisplayed
  • Form.Validator base class no longer does what it did (that is now in Form.Validator.Inline)
  • OverText
    • no longer takes a collection of inputs.
    • .showTxt > .show, .hideTxt > .hide
    • .hide and .show no longer take the element and 'focus' arguments.
    • .repositionAll is gone; .repositionOverTxt is now just .reposition; it does not take an argument
  • String.Extras
    • findAllEmails gone, too specific
  • Date
    • Number / String extensions moved to string extras. zeroise made an anonymous function, was lame
  • Element.setPosition is now Element.position
  • String.Extra query functions moved to URI.js
    • parseQuery > parseQueryString for consistency with cleanQueryString
  • Request.Queue
    • event names all renamed; onRequestStart >> onRequest, onRequestSuccess >> onSuccess, etc
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