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Welcome to the MooTools Test/Demo Runner

This environment allows developers to write interactive tests and demos. To install, see the README on github.

Browsing the Demos and Docs

To view the documentation, click "Docs" at the top of the screen and then select a document to view in the menu on the left. You can use the search box to quickly find your selection.

To view demos, do the same except click "Demos" at the top of the screen. Clicking any test should load it with all the required JavaScript. Once loaded, the interactive test should be available for you to manipulate. Some tests are somewhat passive - you just watch them do something - but most allow you to click things. Each test should have instructions on what to do.

Running Specs and Benchmarks

Select "Specs" in the menu above and choose which groups of specs you want to run. The Jasmine testing framework will run through all the chosen specs. You can click on any spec in the results to run it again.

Benchmarks use Benchmark.js to run any registered and configured benchmarks. Once loaded, you can run all or a subset of benchmarks. Be sure to check out the graph at the bottom for your results.

Note that you can hold down shift and click to select ranges for the benchmarks or specs.