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Anvato Video Plugin

A WordPress Plugin for integrating the Anvato video player. This plugin lets you add a shortcode for Anvato video into your content. You can easly find your Anvato video by searching with this plugin.


In order to get this working in your WordPress installation, you have to follow the next steps:

  • Get the below configuration parameters form Anvato
    • mcp_id
    • station_id
    • profile
    • player_url
  • Set default video player size & autoplay state
    • width
    • height
    • autoplay
  • Set tracking parameters, give empty if you use default
    • plugin_dfp_adtagurl
    • tracker_id
    • adobe_profile
    • adobe_account
    • adobe_trackingserver



This plugin has a shortcode supports to prepare Anvato video embed code automatically.

Basic shortcode usage

[anvplayer video="282411"]

Available shortcode attributes

  • video
  • width
  • height
  • autoplay
  • adobe_analytics (accepts only false, which removes all Adobe settings from the output)

Wordress 5 Support


  • Wordpress 5.3.2 must be installed.
  • Wordpress Rest service must be enabled.

Anvato Gutenberg block implementation resides in plugin's gutenberg directory. In this directory,

  • src is the directory where block source code resides
  • build is the directory where compiled and bundled block code resides,

Build steps

If you would like to develop or compile Anvato Block source, you will follow build steps below .

  1. Change current directory to gutenberg
  2. Make sure node and npm are installed on your machine.
  3. npm install
  4. npm run build
  5. (Optional - live reload) npm run start:custom


We are linting our codebase using PHP Code Sniffer along with two Wordpress rulesets such as Wordpress-Core and WordpressVIPminimum.

Applying rulesets

To lint the codebase, please run below commands in the plugin root directory.

phpcs --standard=WordPress-Core ./**/*.php --no-cache
phpcs --standard=WordPressVIPminimum ./**/*.php -n --no-cache

Fixing errors

To fix automatically, please run below commands in the plugin root directory.

phpcbf --standard=WordPress-Core ./**/*.php --no-cache
phpcbf --standard=WordPressVIPminimum ./**/*.php -n --no-cache

Plugin Settings


Anvato Player parameters (player URL, width, height, title and share link) are used to decorate player instances. We support additional custom player parameters in Embed Parameters field as JSON object that are passed to Anvato Player without modification.


Adobe, Comscore and Heartbeat settings have as-is attributes. Please see below for exceptional cases.

Heartbeat Analytics

Account Info field can be JSON object that includes all attributes for Heartbeat Analytics. It is also can be used an account Id as a single field along with other attributes in the settings.

Google Analytics

Account Info field can be JSON object that includes all attributes for Google Analytics. We also support shortcode attribute level Google Analytics tracking ID.

Example: [anvplayer video="9876543" plugin_google_trackerid="UA-12345"]


One of the following fields is enough to set Anvato Player's Google Ad Manager Plugin (formerly DFP) in Monetization Tab. Don't set both fields.

  • Google Ad Manager(GAM) Premium Ad Tag

    It is used to set GAM Plugin Adtag URL. It can be also set in shortcode as attribute.

    Example: [anvplayer video="9876543" plugin_dfp_adtagurl="[URL]"]

  • Advanced Targeting

    JSON object that are passed to Anvato Player as GAM Plugin object without modification.

    To override GAM client side key values, you can use attribute level setup.

    Example: [anvplayer video="9876543" dfpkeyvalues="[keyValues]"]


Anvato Wordpress Plugin




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