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date Sep 9, 2015
- Improved layout performance in some cases
- Extended WebGL API to transform from/to webgl coordinates space
- Custom shaders now receive layout's view of node position. This means
that `y` coordinate needs to be replaced to `-y` in your custom shaders
- Bug fixes
- Documentation updates
date Mar 24, 2015
- Upgraded to latest `ngraph` modules
- Bug fixes
date Feb 4, 2015
- All files are now CommonJS Modules
- `Viva.Graph.svg` is replaced with npm module `simplesvg`
- `Viva.Graph.graph` is replaced with `ngraph.graph`
- `Viva.Graph.generator` is replaced with `ngraph.generators`. This module
contains all original graph + new graphs.
Note: `randomNoLinks` is called `noLinks`.
- `Viva.graph.Layout.forceDirected` is replaced with npm module
'ngraph.forcelayout'. This module is faster than older one, and has better
test coverage. Unfortunately this also means breaking changes:
1. Instead of passing `link` object to `layout.getLinkPosition(link)`, you
need to pas linkId: `layout.getLinkPosition(`.
2. Instead of passing `node` object to `layout.setNodePosition(node, x, y)`
use `layout.setNodePosition(, x, y)`.
3. Force based layout settings can be now accessed from `layout.simulator`:
`layout.drag()` is now known as `simulator.dragCoeff()`
`layout.springCoeff()` -> `simulator.springCoeff()`
`layout.springLength()` -> `simulator.springLength()`
`layout.gravity()` -> `simulator.gravity()`
`layout.theta()` -> `simulator.theta()`
- `Viva.Graph.Point2d` is removed. Use plain {x: 42, y: 42} object
- `Viva.Graph.graph.addEventListener` is replaced with `on` method
- `Viva.Graph.View.cssGraphcis` is deprecated
- `Viva.Graph.View.svgNodeFactory` is deprecated
- `geom.convexHull` is deprecated. Use
- `` is deprecated. Use
date Dec 27, 2014
- Migrated to gulp. First step towards commonjs.
- Fixed spelling, grammar.
date: Sep 28, 2014
- Graphics object no longer waits `init` method to create container. Fixes
- When renderer is paused clicking on any node will not reset it. Fixes
- Calculating stable threshold based on absolute value. Fixes
- Minor code style improvements
date: Apr 05, 2014
- Using Object.create where possible to avoid node id collision with
standard object property names (e.g. `constructor`)
- Fixed bug in constant layout
date: Feb 22, 2014
- Stable threshold can now be configured via options (Tnanks to @grnadav)
date: Feb 19, 2014
- Webgl renderer supports centering API (Thanks to @sgerard)
date: Dec 27, 2013
- Small clean up in renderer
- Added pan/zoom API for SVG
date: Nov 23, 2013
- Euler integrator now supports custom time step
date: Nov 20, 2013
- Merged changes from v0.4.2: custom links length + fixed bug in arguments
date: Oct 20, 2013
- graph.addNode() no longer augments old data model with whatever passed
to method. Instead it stores direct reference to passed node's model
- node/link objects no longer store layout specific properties. Instead you can
query all layout properties from layout class itself. This allows the same
graph to be layed out by two different layout algorithm, without stepping
on toes of each other
- node/link objects no longer store ui specific properties. Instead you
can query them from specific UI provider
date: Nov 20, 2013
- Added customization point to force directed layout to allow specify custom links length.
- Fixed a bug with wrong arguments order in physics simulator.
date: Jul 20, 2013
- Layout algorithm now listens to changes from graph directly. Public API
to add/remove nodes or links is dropped from layout algorithms.
- Added small performance test for node.js
date: April 7, 2013
- Migrated to grunt.js as a build system
- Dropped jslint support in favor of jshint.
- Cleaned up unused code:
* GEM/ACE layout files are removed from repository. If you need them for
the reference, please find them in the project's commits history.
* Runge Kutta integrator is dropped