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Tiny animation library
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Tiny animation library.


var animate = require('amator')
var from = { x: 0 }
var to = { x: 42 }

// This will animate from.x from 0 to 42 in 400ms, using cubic bezier easing
// function (same effect as default CSS `ease` function)
animate(from, to)

Overall the signature of the animate() function:

animate(fromObj, toObj, options)


This is a hash dictionary with the following keys:

  • duration - sets animation duration in milliseconds. Default value is 400ms;
  • easing - Easing function. Can accept predefined value similar to CSS animations: ease, easeIn, easeOut, easeInOut, linear; NOTE: You can also have a custom function instead of a string value. The function should take a single argument t from range [0..1] and return value from 0 to 1.
  • step(fromObj) - a function callback that is called after each animation frame. the only argument to this function is fromObj that has current animation values.
  • done() - a function callback that is called when animation is finished.

return value

The return value of the animate is an object, which has just one key:

  • cancel() - if you want to cancel animation before it completes, you can call this method.



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