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2d visualization of npm
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Visualization of npm shows dependency graph of an npm package.


Default view: Default view

Responsive view:

Responsive view

3d view: 3d view

How it's done?

angular.js + browserify + ngraph => gulp =>

The website is entirely hosted on GitHub Pages, with continous deployment setup via travis.

The npm data is coming from and is collected by npmgraphbuilder at real time.

For CSS styles I'm using twitter bootstrap and less.

npm rocks

All modules of this application are provided by npm.

Local development

git clone
npm i
npm start

This should start local dev server and serve npm visualization.

Other projects

Here I will try to list other projects that visualize npm.

  • - renders dependency graph with direct acyclic graph layout alrogirthm.
  • galaxy - 3D gallaxy simulator of npm packages.

If you have other projects that you want to see here, please send me a pull request or a hint.



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