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A mock server for tile38 database
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Tile38 Mock

This project will make up a mock server for Tile38 that you can define your desired responses with respect of passed command. It can run on a port and you can communicate with it by redis protocol. Best for testing your application with low overhead.


To start using Tile38 Mock install go and get it with:

go get -u

How to use it

Each instance of tile38_mock.MockServer is responsible for an instance of tile38 server.

  1. First of all import the package
  2. Create a new instance with CreateMockServer.
  3. Set commands and their responses with SetStringResponse.
  4. Init the server with address and port.

Sample Code:

import ""


s := tile38_mock.CreateMockServer() // Create a new mock server instance

// Set command and responses
s.SetStringResponse([]string{"set", "key", "value"}, []string{"OK"})        // SET KEY VALUE -> OK
s.SetStringResponse([]string{"get", "key"}, []string{"VALUE"})              // GET KEY -> VALUE 
s.SetStringResponse([]string{"got", "key"}, []string{"VALUE1", "VALUE1"})   // GOT KEY -> 1)VALUE1 2)VALUE2

_ = s.Init(":1024") // Run the server on port 1024

NOTE: Be aware that tcp server will run in a separate go routine and the init function is non blocking.

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