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;; How to use Incanter
(ns demo
(:use [incanter.core]
;; read-dataset
;; we will see how a data set is loaded.
;; We're going to load "Alice in Wonderland"
;; "Through the LookingGlass"
;; complete work of emily dickinson and
;; "Moby Dick"(defn create-dataset
(defn create-dataset
(let [dset (col-names (read-dataset file-name) [:word])]
(transform-col dset :word lower-case)))
(def alice (create-dataset "data/alice.txt"))
(def through (create-dataset "data/through.txt"))
(def emily (create-dataset "data/emily.txt"))
(def moby (create-dataset "data/moby.txt"))
;; group aggreation data with rollup
(defn word-count
($order [:freq] :desc
($rollup :count :freq :word dset)))
(def alice-word-count (word-count alice))
;; filtering and subsetting the data using
;; head $ sel $where and $fn
;; example (with-data alice-word-count ($where {:freq {:lte 10}}))
($ (range 10 20) :all alice-word-count)
(view (sel alice-word-count :filter #(< (nth % 1) 100) ))
;; histogram
;; summarize data
(with-data alice-word-count
(histogram :freq :nbins 18 :data
($where ($fn [freq] (and (<= freq 20) (> freq 1)))))))
;; another roll up to get the spectrum of words
(view ($rollup :count :fof :freq alice-word-count))
(defn fof
($order [:freq] :asc
($rollup :count :fof :freq wc-data-set)))
(def alice-fof (fof alice-word-count))
(view alice-fof)
;; get number of rows, columns , and dimensions
(dim alice-fof)
;; convert to matrix and transpose (trans)
(trans (to-matrix alice-fof))
;; log-log scatter plot using set-axis :x and :y
(scatter-plot :freq :fof :data alice-fof)
(set-axis :x (log-axis))
(set-axis :y (log-axis))))
;; add a column to a dataset, nicer histogram
(def alice-word-count-2
($map count [:word] alice-word-count))
[:word :freq :len]))
(view alice-word-count-2)
(histogram :len :data alice-word-count-2))
(summary alice-word-count-2)
;; quantiles and outliers detection
;; just copy
(quantile ($ :len alice-word-count-2))
(defn is-outlier
[x quantiles]
(let [[_ q1 _ q3 _ ] quantiles
iqr (- q3 q1)] iqr)
(or (< x (- q1 (* 1.5 iqr))) (> x (+ q3 (* 1.5 iqr))))))
(is-outlier 3 (quantile ($ :len alice-word-count-2)))
;; text summary
(defn get-freq-of-freq
[dset freq]
(let [rec (with-data dset ($where {:freq {:eq freq}}))
freq-of-freq ($ :fof rec)]
(if (number? freq-of-freq) freq-of-freq 0)))
(defn text-summary
[title dset]
( let [dset-word-count (word-count dset)
dset-fof ($order [:freq] :asc (fof dset-word-count))
tokens (nrow dset)
types (nrow dset-word-count)
hapax (get-freq-of-freq dset-fof 1)]
{:title title
:tokens tokens
:types types
:hapax hapax
:dis (get-freq-of-freq dset-fof 2)
:tris (get-freq-of-freq dset-fof 3)
:ten (get-freq-of-freq dset-fof 10)
:twenty (get-freq-of-freq dset-fof 20)
:ttr (/ (double types) tokens )
:growth (/ (double hapax) tokens)
(def lit-stats
[(text-summary "alice" alice)
(text-summary "through" through)
(text-summary "moby" moby)
(text-summary "emily" emily)]))
(view lit-stats)
;; growth time series
(defn cut
"divides a range r into chunck-count chunks. The function returns
the vector of the chunk number"
[r chunk-count]
(let [chunk-size (quot (length r) chunk-count)]
(map #(inc (quot % chunk-size)) r)))
(defn chunked
[dset chunk-count]
(let [chunks (cut (range 0 (nrow dset)) chunk-count)
chunked-dset (conj-cols dset chunks)]
(col-names chunked-dset [:word :chunk])))
(def chunked-alice
(chunked alice 40))
(defn cumulative-chunk
[dset chunk-number]
(with-data dset ($where {:chunk {:$lte chunk-number}})))
(defn cumulative-chunk
[dset chunk-number]
(with-data dset ($where {:chunk {:$lte chunk-number}})))
(def alice-growth
(to-dataset (map #(text-summary %1 (cumulative-chunk chunked-alice %1)) (range 1 42))))
(view alice-growth)
(scatter-plot :tokens :hapax :legend true :y-label "freq" :data alice-growth)
(add-points :tokens :dis :data alice-growth)
(add-points :tokens :tris :data alice-growth)))
(scatter-plot :hapax :twenty :legend true :y-label "freq" :data alice-growth)))
(let [m
(to-matrix ($ [:tokens
:ttr] alice-growth))]
(correlation m)))
;; linear regression model
;; linear-model functions, its properties, and stuffs
;; tracing lines using scatter plot following by add lines x (fitted lm)
(def lm1 (linear-model ($ :ten alice-growth) ($ :hapax alice-growth)))
(def lm2 (linear-model ($ :twenty alice-growth) ($ :hapax alice-growth)))
(scatter-plot :hapax :twenty :data alice-growth)
(add-lines ($ :hapax alice-growth) (:fitted lm2))
(add-points :hapax :ten :data alice-growth)
(add-lines ($ :hapax alice-growth) (:fitted lm1))