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A Packer plugin that runs Deno scripts
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Run Deno scripts to provision stuff with Packer.

This plugin first installs Deno onto the target system, uploads scripts to a folder, and then executes them one by one.

Only Ubuntu is known to work with the normal installer script. Provisioning other operating systems works if you use a custom built Deno that will run on that system, and upload it with this plugin using local_deno_bin.


This provisioner is a Packer plugin. See the docs for an overview.

Build or download this plugin and place in


You may need to create the plugins directory.

Provisioner Configuration

You must specify "type": "deno" in a provisioners stanza to use this plugin.

The following provisioner config keys are supported. See also the examples directory.

  • local_deno_bin (string) - A fully qualified path to a local deno executable. This binary will be uploaded to the target remote_folder, and used for running scripts. Useful for development if you are building deno from source.
  • skip_install (boolean) - If true, do not install Deno on the target machine, but assume it is already present.
  • remote_folder (string) - The target directory where scripts will be uploaded.
  • scripts (array of string) - A list of paths to TypeScript files that will be passed to deno run -A, one by one, in order. These are your provisioning scripts. Currently, these must be standalone scripts with no path-based dependencies.

Development and Tests

You will need Go 1.11 or later with export GO111MODULE=on for module support. $GOPATH/bin should be on your PATH. That's $HOME/go/bin by default, but can vary depending on your setup.

If you want to hack, make a symlink from $GOPATH/bin/packer-provisioner-deno to the packer plugins directory. Something like this should work, after an initial go install:

ln -s $GOPATH/bin/packer-provisioner-deno $HOME/.packer.d/plugins/packer-provisioner-deno

After that, run the test script


A test build will run in a Docker container.


We want to accomplish the following

  • Install deno onto target system
  • Upload individual deno scripts
  • Execute individual deno scripts as root
  • Add a DigitalOcean cloud builder test
  • Allow uploading local deno builds easily (for testing local dev builds)
  • Manually bundle scripts locally and upload those, instead. Or, wait for this feature.
  • Execute scripts as non-root user
  • Specify sandboxing flags in the packer config (--allow-net and friends; we run with -A right now)
  • Global system install of deno outside any user's HOME
  • Add a Vagrant builder test
  • Specify alternative install command (for test deno builds fetchable from network)
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