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steam-base-9999 #17

hasufell opened this Issue · 11 comments

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  • does not update icon cache, but installs into /usr/share/icons... use gnome2-utils.eclass
  • does not update desktop mime database, use fdo-mime.eclass
  • you can install foo.desktop via "domenu", an eutils function
  • desktop file does not pass validation via desktop-file-validate (hints can be ignored)
  • install script is not POSIX compliant, that should be fixed
  • I get random checksum failure for the "live" ebuild

Hello. Thank you for issue list. What do you mean with random checksum failure?


see ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux#623

also: the patch respecting ${TERM} variable can break install phase, because you cannot be sure that terminal emulators have similar command line options


with checksum failure I mean the checksum fails... and that will continue to be that way unless you are the first one to catch up with steam_latest.deb changes
that's a design problem with live ebuilds and non-static SRC_URIs


Agreed. Check-sum should be disabled here... somehow.


a quite dirty workaround would be to fetch manually in src_unpack, but that is actually against all sane ebuild policies

no idea how to fix that one, usually live ebuilds fetch from repositories


As far as I understand. Now this "live" version is just last non-live version and we need just remove it for being pointless. But let wait for other opinions.


Also I suggest to remove all outdated clients because who will install outdated steam? It's binary and we should keep only one newer version. It will be logically correct.


Sorry, I'm quite busy right now. I'll try to fix your points soon. Regarding the -9999, I am using it to check new steam packages without our patches. Maybe I should remove it from the overlay and use it locally only.


Fixed all except the last two. I admit that, as long as there are no real complains, I'm too lazy to regenerate this patch every time until upstream fixes it. :) Does the -9999 ebuild really hurt? As it has no keywords, it should not interfere with the "stable" ebuilds.


install script != start script

you can fix the install script, because it does not get refetched when starting steam. The start script however must be fixed upstream.

other things:

  • sed is missing a "|| die"
  • you are missing a thing for icon stuff, do pkg_preinst() { gnome2_icon_savelist ;}

Yes, I meant the install script. But I added the script now and I hope that they consider your report for the next version. I also applied the other two suggestions in 9be9191. Thank you!

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