Polyglot replacement for Ruby WebSocket servers with Action Cable protocol
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palkan Refactor configuration (#53)
* Added gRPC specific params
* Support REDIS_URL by default
* Refactor Anycable::Server
  - Use class instance instead of a module
  - Run gRPC server in a thread
  - Remove dependency on global config
* Refactor Anycable::HealthServer
* Add http_health_path configuration parameter
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AnyCable allows you to use any WebSocket server (written in any language) as a replacement for your Ruby server (such as Faye, ActionCable, etc).

AnyCable uses ActionCable protocol, so you can use ActionCable JavaScript client without any monkey-patching.

NOTE: Since version 0.4.0 this repository contains only core functionality and cannot be used separately as is. Rails plug-n-play integration has been extracted to anycable-rails gem.

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Or you can try to build it from source.

For MacOS there is also the same problem with google-protobuf that can be solved the following way:

# Gemfile
git 'https://github.com/google/protobuf' do
  gem 'google-protobuf'

How It Works?

Read our Wiki for more.



Compatible WebSocket servers


Anycable uses anyway_config, thus it is also possible to set configuration variables through secrets.yml or environment vars.

Example with redis sentinel

  rpc_host: "localhost:50123"
  redis_url: "redis://redis-1-1:6379/2"
    - { host: 'redis-1-1', port: 26379 }
    - { host: 'redis-1-2', port: 26379 }
    - { host: 'redis-1-3', port: 26379 }

ActionCable Compatibility

This is the compatibility list for the AnyCable gem, not for AnyCable servers (which may not support some of the features yet).

Feature Status
Connection Identifiers +
Connection Request (cookies, params) +
Disconnect Handling +
Subscribe to channels +
Parameterized subscriptions +
Unsubscribe from channels +
Subscription Instance Variables -
Performing Channel Actions +
Streaming +
Custom stream callbacks -
Broadcasting +
Custom pubsub adapter Only redis


  • Install required GRPC gems:
gem install grpc
gem install grpc-tools
  • Re-generate GRPC files (if necessary):


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/anycable/anycable.

Please, provide reproduction script (using this template) when submitting bugs if possible.


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.