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RubyConf 2018 special.

tl;dr anycable CLI; redis gem is no longer a runtime dependency (but still required for Redis broadcast adapter); health checkers; middlewares support and more flexible configuration.

馃摑 Check out a new documentation website.



AnyCable now ships with a CLI鈥anycable.

Use it to run a gRPC server:

# run anycable and load app from app.rb
bundle exec anycable -r app.rb
# or
bundle exec anycable --require app.rb

All configuration options are also supported as CLI options (see anycable -h for more information).

The only required options is the application file to load (-r/--require).

You can omit it if you want to load an app form ./config/environment.rb (e.g. with Rails) or ./config/anycable.rb.

AnyCable CLI also allows you to run a separate command (process) from within a RPC server:

$ bundle exec anycable --server-command "anycable-go -p 3334"


  • Default server host is changed from localhost:50051 to
  • Expose gRPC server parameters via rpc_* config params:
AnyCable.configure do |config|
  config.rpc_pool_size = 120
  config.rpc_max_waiting_requests = 10
  # etc
  • REDIS_URL env is used by default if present (and no ANYCABLE_REDIS_URL specified)
  • Make HTTP health check url configurable
  • Add ability to pass Redis Sentinel config as array of string.

Now it's possible to pass Sentinel configuration via env vars:

ANYCABLE_REDIS_SENTINELS=, bundle exec anycable

Broadcast adapters

AnyCable allows you to use custom broadcasting adapters (Redis is used by default):

# Specify by name (tries to load `AnyCable::BroadcastAdapters::MyAdapter` from
# "anycable/broadcast_adapters/my_adapter")
AnyCable.broadcast_adapter = :my_adapter, { option: "value" }
# or provide an instance (should respond_to #broadcast)
AnyCable.broadcast_adapter =

Breaking: to use Redis adapter you must ensure that it is present in your Gemfile; AnyCable gem doesn't have redis as a dependency anymore.


  • Added middlewares support

See docs.

  • Added gRPC health checker.

See docs.


NOTE: the old API is still working but deprecated (you'll see a notice).

  • Use AnyCable instead of Anycable

  • New API for registering error handlers:

AnyCable.capture_exception do |ex|
  • AnyCable::Server.start is deprecated and will be removed in the next version