Using AnyCable with Ruby (non Rails)

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AnyCable can be used without Rails, thus allowing you to use ActionCable-like functionality in your app.

Lite Cable

There is a ready-to-go framework – Lite Cable – which can be used for application logic. It also supports AnyCable out-of-the-box.

See Lite Cable Sinatra example and read about Connecting LiteCable to Hanami by @GabrielMalakias.

Custom Backend Framework

You can build your own framework to use as logic-handler for AnyCable.

AnyCable initiates a connection object for every request using user-provided factory:

# Specify factory
AnyCable.connection_factory = MyConnectionFactory

# And then AnyCable calls .call method on your factory
connection =, options)


  • socket – is an object, representing client's socket (say, socket stub) (see socket.rb)

  • options may contain:

    • identifiers – a JSON string returned by connection.identifiers_json on connection (see below)
    • subscriptions – a list of channels identifiers for the connection.

Connection interface:

class Connection
  # Called on connection
  def handle_open
  # Called on disconnection
  def handle_close
  # Called on incoming message.
  # Client send a JSON-encoded message of the form { "identifier": ..., "command": ..., "data" ... }.
  # - identifier – channel identifier (e.g. `{"channel":"chat","id":1}`)
  # - command – e.g. "subscribe", "unsubscribe", "message"
  # - any additional data
  def handle_channel_command(identifier, command, data)
  # Returns any string which can be used later in .create function to initiate connection.
  def identifiers_json

Connection#handle_channel_command should return truthy value on success (i.e. when subscription is confirmed or action is called).

NOTE: connection instance is initiated on every request, so it should be state-less (except from identifiers_json).

To send a message to a client you should call socket#transmit. For manipulating with streams use socket#subscribe, socket#unsubscribe and socket#unsubscribe_from_all.

See test factory for example.

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