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use warnings;
use strict;
my (%d1, %d2);
die "$0 firstfile secondfile"
unless @ARGV == 2;
open my $f1, "<", $ARGV[0]
or die "Can't open first file";
open my $f2, "<", $ARGV[1]
or die "Can't open second file";
while (<$f1>) {
$d1{$2} = $1;
while (<$f2>) {
$d2{$2} = $1;
close $f1; close $f2;
# do diff
foreach (keys %d1) {
$d2{$_} -= $d1{$_};
print "diff end\n";
#order descending by abs of difference of size, ignoring dirs with zero diff.
my @order = sort {abs($d2{$b}) <=> abs($d2{$a})} grep {$d2{$_}} keys %d2;
foreach (@order) {
printf "%i\t%s\n", $d2{$_}, $_;
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