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use strict;
use warnings;
use Net::Pcap qw/:functions/;
use Digest::SHA qw/sha256/;
die "$0 pcapin1 pcapin2\nWill dump packet in pcap format on stdout containing packets found in pcapin1 which are not found in pcapin2 (= pcapin1 - pcapin2)\n"
unless @ARGV == 2;
my ($err1, $err2);
my $pcapin1 = pcap_open_offline($ARGV[0], \$err1)
or die "Can't open $ARGV[0]: $err1";
my $pcapin2 = pcap_open_offline($ARGV[1], \$err2)
or die "Can't open $ARGV[1]: $err2";
die "Both sources must have same datalink"
unless pcap_datalink($pcapin1) == pcap_datalink($pcapin2);
die "Both sources must have same snaplen"
unless pcap_snapshot($pcapin1) == pcap_snapshot($pcapin2);
my $pcapout = pcap_open_dead(pcap_datalink($pcapin1), pcap_snapshot($pcapin1));
my $dumper = pcap_dump_open($pcapout, "-");
my %seen;
my $header = {};
while (my $packet = pcap_next($pcapin2, $header)) {
$seen{sha256($header->{len}, $packet)} = 1;
while (my $packet = pcap_next($pcapin1, $header)) {
if $seen{sha256($header->{len}, $packet)};
pcap_dump($dumper, $header, $packet);