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A DSL for Stencil Codes


Stincilla requires a working AnyDSL installation. A script to build the artic frontend and thorin backend as well as the runtime component is provided by the anydsl metaproject ( This script will also checkout Stincilla's sources and configure a build directory.

If you checked out Stincilla separately, use the following command to download submodules:

git submodule update --init --recursive


The configures Stincilla and sets all required paths. The backend for code generation will be set to cpu. This can be changed via CMake:

  • BACKEND : defines the backend to generate code for (supported values: cpu, avx, nvvm, cuda, opencl, amdgpu)


cd anydsl/stincilla/build
cmake -DBACKEND=nvvm .. # optional: switch to nvvm backend