Factorio Mod - Whistle Stop Factories
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Whistle Stop Factories

Factorio mod that spawns massive furnances and assembly machines around the map to make the game all about trains.

Build Instructions


In config/buildinfo.json change the value of output_directory to point to the /mods folder of the Factorio installation you wish to target.

Windows Build

In Powershell, run build.ps1. This will clean out the old mod folder and copy the necessary files to a new mod folder in your specefied factorio installation. It takes care of giving it the proper version suffix to match the info.json.

Windows Deploy

In Powershell reun deplpy.ps1 -Tag [Tag Name]. This will checkout the specified Tag (if it exists) and create a zip package ready to drop into a mods folder. The tag name is identical to the version number built.

Thank You

Thank you to users DellAquila, Daedeross, Gangsir, and Bilka for their contributions to this mod