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mo 🐍 framework

Hybrid mobile and web app framework with generators

Create awesome mobile and web apps:

  • Using all ES6+ features
  • With any view engine you love
  • Generating scaffold stuff
  • With wireless hot-reload on devices

Fast start

# Install mo globally
npm install -g mo-framework
# Create new app
mo new my-app && cd my-app
# Install dependencies
npm install
# Start the development server
mo serve

Now open http://x.x.x.x:7777 in your mobile or desktop browser.

Add the page to your device Home Screen to run it in fullscreen.

Using generators

# Create new page with .js, .hbs and .less files
mo generate page Profile

# Create new modal with .js, .hbs and .less files
mo generate modal Connection

Now edit views/components/menu/menu.hbs to include new page to menu.

Using with PhoneGap

# Setup
cd phonegap/
phonegap platform add ios
phonegap platform add android
cd ../

# Build
npm run phonegap

# Run emulators
npm run phonegap:emulate

Publishing as web app

npm run webapp

Tune webapp/index.html if needed and upload webapp folder to your web hosting.

Demo screenshots