An ES6 Proxy polyfill for Chrome
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An Object.observe based ES6 Proxy polyfill for Chrome


npm install chrome-proxy

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The limited unit tests currently implemented all pass in the Chrome browser. Property getting and setting work within Node, but getPrototypeOf and getOwnPropertyDescriptor unit tests fail within Node.


Chrome used to have a proxy and it was abruptly removed over a year ago for unspecified security reasons. Proxies are useful. This is a development placeholder based on Object.observe until they become available again in early 2016. There is currently no plan to turn this into a robust long term implementation, particularly since Object.observe may disappear in 2016.

Release History (reverse chronological order)

v0.0.9 2016-01-21 Reworked module closure wrapper so it would work regardless of wether browserify is used.

v0.0.8 2016-01-18 Reworked module structure which seemed to fail to define Proxy in some situations.

v0.0.7 2016-01-18 Corrected issue where deleted properties were not properly restored if deleteProperty trap failed.

v0.0.6 2016-01-17 Created browserified and minified version. Added some unit tests. Added .travis.yml and .codeclimate.yml. Updated badges.

v0.0.5 2015-12-13 Corrected README

v0.0.4 2015-12-12 Codacy improvements, corrected error with setting proxy

v0.0.1 2015-11-07 Initial public release. No unit tests yet. Consider this an ALPHA.


MIT License - see LICENSE file