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Golang sample RESTful API
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Sample Rest

This project is intended to illustrate good engineering practices for golang applications. See GoEngineering for more information.

Build, Run, Test

Simple Run

The service can be built and run in one command from the project directory

> go run cmd/petserver

This starts a server listening on port 4852. The port can be configured using the -p <port> flag.

> go run cmd/petserver -p 9412


Install petserver on your local machine using

> go install cmd/petserver

Run with

> petserver <args>


To run unit tests, use the command > go test ./...


The same command can be used to generate a code coverage report using some options > go test -coverprofile=coverage.out ./... && go tool cover -html=coverage.out

This will create a file coverage.out that contains information about code coverage (in unreadable form) The second command opens a browser and displays coverage information.

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