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Autonomous Distributed Database
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Autonomous Distributed Database (ADD)

ADD Dashboard

This software application proves the potential for an autonomous distributed database system.

ADD runs on any machine through the JVM and requires zero configuration or management to setup or maintain.

Simply start ADD on any number of machines on a controlled network where each machine is a member of the same subnet. Each instance will automatically connect to each other and create a distributed database.

Data will be replicated across the network and when a new node joins, it will automatically be given the existing databases and tables layout along with all replication information.

If one of the instances dies, the other nodes will check back and wait for a short recovery before reallocating the database pieces that were on that node to other nodes across the network.

How do I interact with it?

Once ADD is running, you simply connect to http://<localhost_or_node_ip>:1985/dashboard to get going.


This project was built on IntelliJ IDEA under JDK 11 runtime.

Is there a JAR available?

Yes, take a look at the release page

Currently version 0.0.1 is the only version, so grab it here

Unzip it and then simply run java -jar add.jar

Build it yourself?

Yes, of course you can!

git clone

Using IntelliJ?

Open in IntelliJ IDEA.

Edit configurations..

+ Application

Set the classpath to ADD and the Main class to

Run the application!

Using Maven on the commandline?

mvn clean install

java -jar target/add-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar


Create an issue if you need help

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