A chrome extension to add color effects to favicons based on URL regex match patterns.
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Development Favicon

A chrome extension to add color effects to favicons based on tab URL and title regex match patterns.


I make websites (for Commercial Progression), and I found myself with tons of tabs open per project; my local development site, the staging server, maybe even production. Each tab had the same favicon and often the same page title, so it wasn't possible at a glance to know which tab was which without opening it.

This extension lets you target URLs and titles with a regex match pattern (so .*\.local.* for my local environment) and apply effects to the favicon. I've got my local with a green stripe across the top, the staging server with a yellow one, and could set different production environments with different colors and effects.

Another idea would be to match and apply effects for different signed-in Google accounts, so I'd know which Google Drive is open.

Stuff like that.


It's written to be as asynchronous, event-driven, and resource-light as possible.


If you'd like to fix bugs, add features, improve performance, or otherwise contribute to the project, I'm very open to pull requests.

Install (unpacked)

To install the development version of the extension, either clone the repo or use the ZIP download. At chrome://extensions make sure to check the "Developer mode" checkbox in the upper right-hand corner. After that, there will be a button to load an unpacked extension. Click that and select the folder containing the extension. It should then be ready to go!

Thank you for your interest in Development Favicon!