A single-file stylesheet/framework for maintainable CSS
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#Hawidu CSS Hawidu CSS is the single-file CSS framework:

  • No sprawl, deploy as-is
  • Limits unnecessary cascading
  • Provides common-sense organization and coding style
  • Base: normalizes elements and trusts browsers
  • Progressive enhancement: form elements, pretty blockquotes
  • Semantic: even the utility classes

See the wiki for tons of documentation. ##Features

  • Pasteins: paste widgets in your stylesheet as needed, contribute new ones back
  • Consistent form elements
  • Tapered List bullets
  • <hr /> embellishments
  • HTML5 basic layout
  • Zero file/image dependencies

##tl;dr Build your next project with Hawidu CSS and have a time-saving and maintainable style base that doesn't rely on killing you or leaky abstractions.