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A fork of drupal's user_badges module with lots of goodies in the 6.x branch
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User Badges Fork

This is a fork of the drupal user_badges project. It adds a number of notable features and cleans up the API of the 6.x branch a bit.

Distinguishing Features

  • Ability for a user to earn the same badge more than once
  • CCK Field for badges
  • Comprehensive Rules support
  • Tons of sane Views support
  • More tokens
  • Badges keep track of when they're earned
  • Stats module to keep track of total badges earned and weekly badges earned

Why a Fork?

All of this functionality was needed for a Drupal 6 site. In order to get it into the official 6.x release, it should really be implemented in 7.x and backported. Also, the API changes might mean a minor version change for the module, which seems weird to do with a long-term maintenance release. On top of all this, the module appears to be falling out of regular maintenance.

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