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IMOS is an initiative of the Australian Government being conducted as part of the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy.

The IMOS Matlab Toolbox aims to provide an automated, easy to use interface for converting raw instrument data into IMOS compatible Quality Controlled NetCDF files, ready for handover to AODN. The toolbox is designed by ANMN and AODN to process data which is manually retrieved from long-term mooring sites.

Typical usage of the Toolbox would proceed as follows:

  1. Import and pre-process instrument data set applying calculations or transformations like local to UTC time conversion.
  2. Automatically quality control data using automated and semi-automated QC procedures such as impossible date and location checks, in/out of water flagging, outlier, spikes and flatlines detections.
  3. Manually quality control data via interactive display.
  4. IMOS compliant set of NetCDF files are output and include both original and modified plus QC'd data sets.

Getting started

Important: OceanDB2018 (MS-Access or CSV) deployment database is now available (note that it contains dummy examples), however toolbox versions below 2.3 included will not work with this database. If you wish to use this new deployment database, we recommend you use the latest toolbox version.

Going further

See the overview for more details or navigate through the following links.

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