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Build status:

Led is a fairly vi-compatible text editor. It was written mainly to get a vi, which has good support for editing multiple files, browsing directories and experimenting with useful extensions.

Led is written in Owl Lisp, so the editor is highly portable across various UNIX flavors. The editor also compiles to a standalone binary which requires no external libraries.

Current vi/ex features

Led has been used to implement itself after roughly first week of development.

Currently working features consist mainly of:

  • most usual vi edit mode commands
  • some ex commands
    • e.g. :ab lambda λ, :set showmatch, :set ai and :set sm
  • autoindent and paren matching
  • ex command history
  • extended regular expressions (via owl)

Currently implemented extensions

  • multiple buffers
    • :n opens a new buffer
    • Ctrl-n and Ctrl-p switch buffers
    • :move <n> moves buffer to position n
    • :q and Q closes the current buffer
  • directory buffers
    • $ led . and :n <directory> open a buffer with directory contents
    • enter on a line in directory buffer opens the file or toggles subdirectory contents
      • set recursive-open-directory=off toggles behavior on directories
    • otherwise it's a regular editable buffer to which you can add notes, paths, etc.
  • experimental simple search buffers
    • :search <foo> searches for the literal string <foo> from paths in the directory buffer at position 1, if it's there.
    • the resulting buffer contains matching file paths, offsets and sample content
    • pressing enter on the matching line jumps to the match
  • some lisp extensions
    • :<range>l <lisp-extension> calls the lisp function with contents of the range
    • :%l sort sorts contents
    • :l date replaces range with current date (you may want to :set utc-offset +2.0)


$ git clone https://github.com/aoh/led.git
$ cd led
$ make
$ bin/led .

Common issues

Led does not automatically resize buffer after resizing terminal. Press ^L to have it recompute the terminal size.

File content search is really slow, if there are lots of files. You can remove directories holding uninteresting files from buffer 1 if this is an issue for now.

The cursor does not move when you press the arrow keys. You should be using h, j, k and l. Arrow keys will be added at some point though.

Only extended regular expressions are currently supported.

There is no line wrap. This is an opinionated feature. I'd rather see part of the real structure than a broken representation of all of it.

Terminal scrolling is fairly slow. This can be optimized, but I haven't bothered yet since ^F and ^B are fast enough even on a Raspberry Pi.


Led should end up having most or all of traditional ex/vi features along with at least the current extensions in a fairly simple and tractable codebase.

Led should extend the vi mindset with a way that makes non-trivial extensions easy to be added afterwards as extensions. Current lisp extensions use of enter as a somewhat semantics aware general purpose action are experimental steps along these lines.