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Thanks to cyclops, I have now use cyclops-react to write my code. I need parallel converting hundards of microfost excel xsl files to xlsx format files in order to later process by java. The following code is just doing this thing, and i feel comfortable by using cyclops-react.

LazyFutureStream<File> xlsStream = LazyReact.parallelBuilder(8 + 1)
                .of(new File("../2016-04").listFiles(File::isDirectory))
                .peek(aDir-> System.out.println("Dir:" + aDir.getName()))
xlsStream.peek(aXlsFile-> System.out.println("Begin Convert:" + aXlsFile.getName() + "..."))
                .peek(aXlsxFile-> System.out.println("    Converted:" + aXlsxFile.getName()))
                .thenAccept(aFileList-> System.out.println("Over! All Converted[" + aFileList.size() + "] XLS Files to XLSX Files"));

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johnmcclean Mar 8, 2017


Nice :)


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Nice :)

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