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Contributing to Moloch

Glad to see you here!

Just have a question

Where do I start? 🚥

First, checkout this repo and open the index.html page in your browser.

Note: links will not work, so if you want to visit another page, you must enter it into the browser URL bar (e.g. faq.html or estimators.html)

Then, edit the HTML/JS/CSS in your favorite editor!

How do I contribute?

Documentation! 📃

The FAQs, wikis, and page styles are important. Please help improve and add to them.

Bugs 🐛 🐞 🐜

Before submitting a bug report:

  • Ensure the bug was not already reported by searching for existing issues in Moloch
    • If an issues is already open, make a comment that you are experiencing the same thing and provide any additional details

Bugs are tracked as GitHub Issues. Please follow these guidelines when submitting a bug:

  • Provide a clear and descriptive title
  • Describe the exact steps to reproduce the problem
  • Explain the expected behavior
  • Fill out the issue template completely

Feature Requests

Feature requests include new features and minor improvements to existing functionality.

Feature requests are tracked as GitHub Issues. Please follow these guidelines when submitting a feature request:

  • Provide a clear and descriptive title
  • Describe the suggested feature in as much detail as possible
  • Use examples to help us understand the use case of the feature
  • If you are requesting a minor improvement, describe the current behavior and why it is not sufficient
  • If possible, provide examples of where this feature exists elsewhere in other tools
  • Follow the directions in the issue template

Pull Requests 💪

We welcome all collaboration! If you can fix it or implement it, please do! 🔨

To better help us review your pull request, please follow these guidelines:

  • Provide a clear and descriptive title
  • Clearly describe the problem and solution
  • Include the relevant issue number(s) if applicable
  • Make sure the HTML and rendered page conform the style guide (below)

Style Guide

This site uses the Bootstrap toolkit for all its style and layout. It's a good idea to get familiar with this toolkit before contributing.

CSS Styles

All of the site's styles are included in the index.css file. If you add styles to this file, make them as specific as possible and include a comment to describe their intended purpose. For example do this:

/* make the background purple for the super awesome content */
body.faq-body div.super-awesome-style {
  background-color: purple;

Not this:

.super-awesome-style {
  background-color: purple;

FAQ Styles

The FAQ page is made up of two main parts, the table of contents on the left and the main content. For every answered question, there should be a corresponding table of contents link that navigates to the question in the main content. Make sure to put the link in the correct subsection; when in doubt, put it in the General section. Here's what a link should look like:

<a class="nav-link nested"
  title="Example TOC Link">
  Example TOC Link

And the corresponding section in the main content should look like this:

<h3 id="case-sensitive-id">
  Example TOC Link
  <span class="fa fa-link small copy-link cursor-copy"
  Answer goes here...

Note: the href="#id" link in the table of contents MUST match the id of the section within the main content (case sensitive).

Note: make sure to include the copy link span.

If a question has multiple sections, wrap the additonal sections in another div that has additional margins:

<h3 id="main-question">
  Main Question
  <span class="fa fa-link small copy-link cursor-copy"
  Main question text that tells the reader to read the other sections:
<div class="ml-5 mr-5">
   First section
   First section answer...
   Second section
   Second section answer...

Note: the main section is an h3 header, the subsections are h4.

Note: there is no need to add links in the table of contents to the subsections, just link to the main question.

❤️ Thanks,

Andy & Elyse

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