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One more try at a high level API for Scribus plugins
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Scribus API

A stable, high level and documented interface to the Scribus core that plugin developers can use to access the Scribus features.


Clone the scribus-api repository and put – or symlink – its src directory into scribus/plugins/ as api. Then add to CMakeLists.txt file in scribus/.


just after add_subdirectory(third_party)

and add


set(SCRIBUS_API_LIB "scribus_api_lib")


after each similar line containing the zip string.

In the Getting started manual for Scribus developers, you'll find more in details instructions.


  • setup the plugin
  • activate a first class and method and try to call it from another plugin
  • add lot of doxygen comments
    • each file
    • each class
    • each public method
  • move the epub's plugin ScribusDocument class to the ScribusAPI
  • make more publicity for this project and find out how to improve its architecture / add more coverage of Scribus features.

Doxygen documentation

An older a Doxygen documentation of the code is published here:

The documentation can be created by running (at the root of this repository):

doxygen documentation/config.doxygen

This creates the html documentation in the documentation directory.

You can enable, generate and use the latex files to then create a Pdf version of the documentation with pdflatex.

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