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This script checks if the document contains image frames with a broken link. If any is found, it will ask if you want to look for the correct image and then prompt for the new location of the first image. It will then check all other image frames with a broken link and look for an image of the same name in the new location. It the image is there, the link will be replaced.


This program is free software under the MIT license.

Author: Ale Rimoldi ale@graphicslab.org

Please report bugs to http://github.com/aoloe/scribus-script-repository/


  • implement it in "Extras > Manage images"
  • we should respect the current scale and offset but:
    • scribus.getImageScale() exists.
    • scribus.getImageOffset() does not exist even if setImageOffset() is there.
    • getScaleImageToFrame()/isScaleImageToFrame() do not exist even if setScaleImageToFrame() is there.
    • loadImage() removes the existing settings.