Oracle database driver for AOLserver.
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This directory contains release 2.7 of an Oracle driver for AOLserver. For
info, or the lastest version, see

It was written by Cotton Seed (, later modifications
by Mark Dalrymple (, Jin Choi (,
and Rob Mayoff (

This Oracle driver is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, as
published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your
option) any later version.

* Be sure to explicitly load the module when running this module under
* AOLserver 4.x!

How to Build:

* Requires GNU Make (available from the GNU project at  It is usually called "make-*.tar.gz" on the GNU ftp

* Set ORACLE_HOME in your environment.

* Edit the Makefile and set NSHOME to the location of your AOLserver
  source or binary tree.

* Run "make" or "gmake" (whichever is GNU Make).

* Run "make install" or copy "" and "" to your
  AOLserver bin directory.  "" is the Cassandracle Oracle
  driver; it only permits SELECT statements.


   The "how-to write an AOLserver driver" docs are at

   The Oracle OCI docs are in Programmer's Guide to the Oracle Call Interface

   The documentation for this driver (including a couple of special Tcl API
   calls) is at

   Config paramters in [ns/db/driver/drivername]:

     Debug: boolean (Defaults to off)
        Enable the "log" call so that lots of stuff gets sent to the

     MaxStringLogLength: integer (defaults to 1024); -1 implies unlimited
        how much character data to log before just saying [too long]

     CharExpansion: integer defaulting to 1
        Factor by which byte representation of character strings can expand
        when fetched from the database.  Should only be necessary to set this
        if your Oracle is not using UTF-8, in which case a value of 2 should
        work for any ISO-8859 character set.
   ns_ora clob_dml SQL is logged when verbose=on in the pool's configuration

   To make a "safe" driver (say for servers running with DBA priviliges) that
   only allows SELECT statements, define FOR_CASSANDRACLE when compiling this