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TODO for nsoracle:
Things marked with * are basically finished.
nsoracle 2.8 release:
* - Migrate code to Tcl_Objs.
* - Integrate PL/SQL wrapper support.
- Update documentation, possibly use DocBook.
- Improve handling of options (just -bind right now).
- Update test framework.
nsoracle 3.0 release:
- Add batch error processing to array dml.
- Add ability to execute multiple statements on a single db handle.
- Add ability to use Oracle 9i's scrollable cursors.
- Add ability to use Oracle 9i's statement cache.
- Improve handling of PL/SQL datatypes, if possible.
- Replace exec_plsql and exec_plsql_bind with new plsql command.
- Split OracleSelectObjCommand out. Currently its arraydml, dml, select,
0or1row, and 1row.
- Replace blob_*|clob_* commands with clob|blob command with options.
I think this change might facilitate a cleaner code base, if not then
its not really necessary because it will break the API.
ns_ora dml <db> -clobfile <files> <sql>
ns_ora dml <db> -clob ?<lobs>? <sql> ?clob_value? ...
- Remove array_dml command in favor of -arraydml option to dml command.
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