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The macOS file archiver.

Follow us on Twitter at @kekaosx.


Current version

Go to the Keka website at to get the latest version.

Also you can check the history of releases in the Releases section.

Legacy versions

You will find the updated list of legacy versions in the Keka website at

What more to do here

  • Issues - look for open ones, create a new one.
  • Wiki - learn and share Keka knowledge.
  • Releases - download an specific version.
  • Translations - keep Keka multilingual and well spoken :)

This repository is used mainly to take care of Issues and have a collaborative Wiki.

If you have a problem or a request just search the Issues for similar ones or create a new one.

If you'll like to chat and you think the Issues section is not the right place, just head to the Forum.

Also head to Releases if you need a concrete version not found on the Keka website.

So, where is the source code

Sadly, the source code of Keka 1.0 and newer will be not public due some issues in the past (this is one of the reasons).

Legacy info

Keka started in SourceForge. It will be rarely updated and issues in the Tickets may be replied, but Issues here is the main channel.

Later on, thanks to NETWORKREDUX and Trac, the project gained its own ticketing system. Due to spam and speed issues, it will be used no more. No new users, no new tickets. Use Issues instead.

There's also some documentation in the Keka trac that will be transferred over time here in the Wiki.

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