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Keka 1.1.0

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@aonez aonez released this 05 Jun 06:40
· 1887 commits to master since this release

Keka now runs on 10.9.5 Mavericks and newer

  • New app icon by David Lanham and file icons by Jonathan Coutiño
  • Appearance updated to match macOS style
  • This update has lots of code tweaks to make a more robust and upgradeable Keka :)
  • Keka is now sandboxed
  • Updated the list of donators, thanks for all the support!
  • Added new format selector to the toolbar
  • Added context menu services, with shortcuts (Thanks for the tip, @Ornataweaver) #189
  • Added XZ compression support (10.9+) (Thanks to @corsaroquad for the tip) #40
  • Added LZIP compression and extraction support (Thanks to Antonio and @TimmThaler) #68
  • Added recognition of WIM files (Thanks to @TGOS for the tip) #23
  • Added recognition of JAR, APK and APPX files (Thanks to @wangweixuan) #170
  • Enhanced CPGZ and CPIO support (Thanks to @MaxPower85) #151
  • Using cutom bsdtar instead of the bundled bsdtar/gnutar
  • Using PIGZ and PBZIP2 for multithread support on TGZ, TBZ compression
  • Added DMG (not encrypted) extraction support
  • Compressing DMG inputs by default, use the alternate action to extract them
  • Added AES-256 encryption support for ZIP files #42
  • New log handling (
  • Added Polish translation (Thanks to @lboratynski) #30, #31, #34 & #35
  • Added Simplified Chinese translation (Thanks to @maxsky, @wangcheng678 and @nuomi1) #163, #29 and #33
  • Added Traditional Chinese translation (Thanks to @thomassth) #71
  • Added Russian translation (Thanks to @a-tokarev) #87
  • Added Catalan translation (Thanks to @BennyBeat) #99
  • Corrected some Spanish strings (Thanks to Miguel Angel)
  • English translation improved (Thanks to @gingerbeardman) #167
  • Italian translation updated (Thanks to Vincenzo)
  • Korean translation updated (Thanks to @jihoongks)
  • Added option to enable/disable Notification Center support #73
  • Reduced overall app size (Thanks to @MaxPower85 and @gingerbeardman) #149
  • Using HFS+ compressed app from DMG package (Thanks to @MaxPower85 and @gingerbeardman) #149
  • Using delta updates when possible (Web version)
  • Fixed symlink and metadata not preserved on tar/tarball (Thanks to Jérôme and DBLjan) #46
  • Fixed queue password handling (Thanks to @digitall-it) #140
  • Handling dropped files to Keka in the Dock with a timer to fix #77 (Thanks to @giftal)
  • Improved auto tarball compression
  • Improved showing contents in Finder from a notification
  • Improved deletion of RAR volumes (Using UnrarKit, thanks to @abbeycode)
  • Readjusted 4.7 GB DVD split preset to be more compatible (Thanks to rcosgrove) #49
  • Added LetsMove framework for non MAS version, to easily place Keka on the Applications folder
  • Updated Sparkle from 1.14 to UI-XPC branch (Thanks to the Sparkle Project)
  • Removed Sparkle data collection option since never was really collected or used
  • Removed Growl framework, using native Notification Center instead
  • Updated UNRAR to 5.50 stable release (revision 8) (Thanks to rarlab)
  • Using 64bit only P7ZIP and UNRAR binaries