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Keka v1.2.0

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@aonez aonez released this 10 Nov 11:41
· 786 commits to master since this release

馃憠 This version does not properly run with Apple silicon support

This will come in Keka v1.2.1. Thanks to J茅r么me Seydoux for pointing the issue.
You can check Keka-1.2.1-rc in your DTK meanwhile.

  • Apple silicon support
  • macOS 11.0 Big Sur style
  • New, much improved and customizable queue system #21
  • Ability to limit CPU threads #21
  • Ability to retry and reuse passwords #249 #108 (Thanks to @drsassafras and arnage74)
  • Reduced time spent on quick operations
  • Coloured progress bars
  • Apply quarantine from downloaded files (Thanks to @alvarnell)聽#176
  • Enhanced password security when using p7zip
  • Check for write access and use Desktop as fallback (Thanks to @MaxPower85) #183 #500
  • Use parent folder name when compressing multiple files (Thanks to @gingerbeardman, @sevdestruct, @Askhento) #188
  • Extract to folder named as input from the Finder extension (Thanks to @filliph and @gingerbeardman) #333
  • Choose when to keep the source extension (Thanks to @thejasonparker, @Jolopu) #305
  • Separate custom name for single and multiple file operations
  • Use custom name when compressing multiple files (Thanks to @sevdestruct & @Darklocq) #236 #237 #501
  • Set modification date to current date option (Thanks to @vmihokov) #349
  • Option to ignore GZIP original filename (Thanks to @nuomi1) #82
  • Changed format menu key equivalents (dynamically set)
  • Option to remove bad password incomplete extractions (Thanks to @docmandave) #126
  • Log popup available while running or when operation fails
  • Show destionation in Finder button (hover task icon)
  • Validating password compatibility (Thanks to @maxsky) #480
  • Fixed an issue when tarballing root files/folders
  • Since Keka is a one-time buy in the App Store you can send a tip from the preferences
  • Added DMG compression level and BZIP2 option (Thanks to @akrabu) #230
  • Added BROTLI compression and extraction support F#2140 #84
  • Added ZSTD compression and extraction support #84
  • Added LRZIP compression and extraction support #549
  • Added WIM compression support (Thanks to @yetisyny) #84
  • Added XIP extraction support
  • Added MSI to supported extraction list
  • Updated UNRAR from 5.90 to 5.91 (Thanks to rarlab)
  • Italian translation updated (Thanks to @VinBoiSoft from vinboisoft) #586 #590 #591 #597 #599 #603 #612 #633 #641
  • Russian translation updated (Thanks to @NickKaramoff from & @Oleg-Chashko) #642 #536 #614 #631 #632
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation updated (Thanks to @vitu from #595 #600
  • Simplified Chinese translation updated (Thanks to @maxsky from #593
  • Norwegian Bokm氓l translation updated (Thanks to @16patsle) #640 #643
  • German translation updated (Thanks to @sb0stn) #646
  • Other enhancements and fixes: #317, #333