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Keka v1.2.4

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@aonez aonez released this 26 Nov 10:41
  • Fixed issue when loading default format/method (Thanks to @zhouweiluan) #676
  • Fixed issue with auto-naming numbering (Thanks to @psmanek) #677
  • Changed File Access list item color to match Light/Dark modes (Thanks to @hpycndl) #681
  • Added option in Preferences to always create tarball (Thanks to Chris Rorden)
  • Fixed non-unified toolbar style on load and added some labels (Thanks to @Oleg-Chashko) #685 #690
  • Fixed issue while closing multiple advanced windows
  • Fixed possible issue while showing file on Finder
  • Fixed possible crash while exiting Keka after playing a sound
  • Other improvements and bug fixes
  • Czech translation updated (Thanks to @buresdv) #679
  • Italian translation updated (Thanks to @VinBoiSoft from #682 #684 #686 #688
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation updated (Thanks to @vitu from #683 #689
  • Simplified Chinese translation updated (Thanks to @maxsky from #693