Hidden configuration

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There're some parameters that do not have a GUI element to enable/disabled them, so you'll need to set them using the terminal.

How to enable/disable them

Just open the Terminal.app and write this:

defaults write com.aone.keka <PARAMETER> -bool <TRUE/FALSE>


  • ForceOldQueue: Use the old queue system. Disabled by default.

  • Take a look at the verbose parameters.

Compression and extraction

  • UseMultithreadLzip: Use plzip instead of lzip. Disabled by default.

  • UseMultithreadPbzip2: Use pbzip2 instead of lbzip2. Enabled by default. (Since 1.1.0-beta.r2466 #147).

  • ForceHFSDMG: Force HFS+ and HFSX instead of APFS when creating a DMG for better compatibility with Mac OS X 10.11 and older. This only affects to macOS 10.12+. Enabled by default. (Since 1.0.15 #159).


  • ZipUsingAES: Use AES256 when creating a password protected zip. Disabled by default. Note that as of macOS 10.12, this file is not supported on the system without a third party app (like Keka 👍).

  • ExportPassword: When compressing with a password set, this option will generate a txt containing the password near to the compressed file and with the same name. Disabled by default. In honor to Sean.


  • UseGrowl: Use or don't notifications. Enabled by default. Since v1.1.0, Growl is no more used for notifications. The parameter will stay with this name for better legacy compatibility and to show gratitude to the Growl project. This parameter has it's space in the GUI, but since the introduction of Notification Center was removed. It may get it's space again, after all.

  • GrowlBlocksExit: If UseGrowl is enabled, Keka waits a few seconds before quitting so the notification action can be triggered. Disabling this will render the notification actions unusable on some cases. Enabled by default.

If you think some of this options should be in the GUI, let me know via the Issues section.

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