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To help understand and fix an issue, please:

  1. Open Keka
  2. Enable the debug session option
  3. Reproduce the issue
  4. Create a new issue and attach the log created in the debug session

Debug session

The debug session option located in the menu Help -> Debug -> Create a debug session:

Activating it will create a log file that you can share with us to better understand the issue you're having.

This option only is active while Keka is opened and will be deactivated automatically on the next Keka launch. Also can be deactivated manually.

Debug logs

You can see all the debug logs created using the menu Help -> Debug -> Open logs folder:

The current used log file will be automatically selected in Finder once you click Open logs folder.

That folder will be located at: ~/Library/Containers/com.aone.keka/Data/Library/Application Support/Keka/Logs/

You can safely remove all the log files in that folder if they are no more needed.