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Outlook Web Access Export Tools

  • The POP daemon should be usable in the current version, I've tested it with Evolution Mail on Ubuntu 10.10 and GMail Mail Fetcher
  • should be usable if you call the append() function manually after fetching the data using

Auto-download New Emails to GMail's Mail Fetcher from Outlook Web Access

  1. Open port 2221 on the machine you're going to run on so Google's servers can access it
  2. python --unread --owa-server=''
  3. Follow Google's instructions for Mail Fetcher, give it your IP address for the POP server, and 2221 as the port

Origin Documentation from weboutlook

weboutlook is a Python module that retrieves full, raw e-mails from Microsoft Outlook Web Access by screen scraping. It can do the following:

  • Log into a Microsoft Outlook Web Access account with a given username and password.
  • Retrieve all e-mail IDs from the first page of your Inbox.
  • Retrieve the full, raw source of the e-mail with a given ID.
  • Delete an e-mail with a given ID (technically, move it to the 'Deleted Items' folder).

Using directly

>>> from scaper import OutlookWebScraper

# Throws InvalidLogin exception for invalid username/password. 
>>> s = OutlookWebScraper('', 'username', 'invalid password') 
>>> s.login() Traceback (most recent call last):

>>> s = OutlookWebScraper('', 'username', 'correct password') 
>>> s.login()

# Display IDs of messages in the inbox. 
>>> s.inbox() '/Inbox/test-3.EML'

# Display IDs of messages in the 'sent items' folder. 
>>> s.get_folder('sent items') '/Sent%20Items/test-2.EML'

# Display the raw source of a particular message. 
>>> print s.get_message('/Inbox/Hey%20there.EML') ...

# Delete a message. 
>>> s.delete_message('/Inbox/Hey%20there.EML')