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Application that provides a list of items within a variety of categories as well as provides a user registration and authentication system
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Item Catalog


This application allows signed-in users to add categories, e.g. Rock Climbing, Muscle Cars, Fitness, etc. and then add related items to those categories along with their descriptions. Users will also be able to edit and delete only those categories and items which they have created. In order to sign-in to the application a user must have / use their Google account login information.

There are also three JSON endpoints that will return:

  • All categories
  • All items for a particular category (must know the category id)
  • Single item for a particular category (must know the category id and item id)

Database Setup:

  • The application will create an SQLite .db file when it is ran the first time and stores it inside the directory where the file is located.

  • The database contains three tables:

    User Table <Columns>:
        -   id
        -   name
        -   email
    Category Table <Columns>:
        -   id
        -   name
        -   user_id
    Item Table <Columns>:
        -   id
        -   name
        -   category_id
        -   user_id

Installation / Setup:

  • Download/Install Python 3:
  • In terminal: pip install flask sqlalchemy google-auth
  • From within a chosen directory, in the terminal run: git clone
  • In terminal: cd FSND-item-catalog
  • In terminal: python
  • The above command will run a server at http://localhost:8000
  • Navigate to this address in your browser to work with the application.

JSON Endpoints:

  • All Categories: /JSON and /categories/JSON
  • All Items for a Category: /category/<int:category_id>/items/JSON
  • Single Item for a Category: /category/<int:category_id>/item/<int:item_id>/JSON

Test User Account

  • email:
  • password: testuseraws012345
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