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# @(#)Makefile 1.4 95/01/18
# ====================================================
# Copyright (C) 1993 by Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
# Developed at SunSoft, a Sun Microsystems, Inc. business.
# Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this
# software is freely granted, provided that this notice
# is preserved.
# ====================================================
# There are two options in making libm at fdlibm compile time:
# _IEEE_LIBM --- IEEE libm; smaller, and somewhat faster
# _MULTI_LIBM --- Support multi-standard at runtime by
# imposing wrapper functions defined in
# fdlibm.h:
# Here is how to set up CFLAGS to create the desired libm at
# compile time:
# CFLAGS = -D_IEEE_LIBM ... IEEE libm (recommended)
# CFLAGS = -D_SVID3_MODE ... Multi-standard supported
# libm with SVID as the
# default standard
# CFLAGS = -D_XOPEN_MODE ... Multi-standard supported
# libm with XOPEN as the
# default standard
# CFLAGS = -D_POSIX_MODE ... Multi-standard supported
# libm with POSIX as the
# default standard
# CFLAGS = ... Multi-standard supported
# libm with IEEE as the
# default standard
# NOTE: if scalb's second arguement is an int, then one must
# define _SCALB_INT in CFLAGS. The default prototype of scalb
# is double ieee_scalb(double, double)
prefix = @prefix@
AR = @AR@
CC = @CC@
# Default IEEE libm
CP = @CP@
INCFILES = fdlibm.h
LIB = libfdm.a
RM = @RM@ -f
src = k_standard.c k_rem_pio2.c \
k_cos.c k_sin.c k_tan.c \
e_acos.c e_acosh.c e_asin.c e_atan2.c \
e_atanh.c e_cosh.c e_exp.c e_fmod.c \
e_gamma.c e_gamma_r.c e_hypot.c e_j0.c \
e_j1.c e_jn.c e_lgamma.c e_lgamma_r.c \
e_log.c e_log10.c e_pow.c e_rem_pio2.c e_remainder.c \
e_scalb.c e_sinh.c e_sqrt.c \
w_acos.c w_acosh.c w_asin.c w_atan2.c \
w_atanh.c w_cosh.c w_exp.c w_fmod.c \
w_gamma.c w_gamma_r.c w_hypot.c w_j0.c \
w_j1.c w_jn.c w_lgamma.c w_lgamma_r.c \
w_log.c w_log10.c w_pow.c w_remainder.c \
w_scalb.c w_sinh.c w_sqrt.c \
s_asinh.c s_atan.c s_cbrt.c s_ceil.c s_copysign.c \
s_cos.c s_erf.c s_expm1.c s_fabs.c s_finite.c s_floor.c \
s_frexp.c s_ilogb.c s_isnan.c s_ldexp.c s_lib_version.c \
s_log1p.c s_logb.c s_matherr.c s_modf.c s_nextafter.c \
s_rint.c s_scalbn.c s_signgam.c s_significand.c s_sin.c \
s_tan.c s_tanh.c
obj = k_standard.o k_rem_pio2.o \
k_cos.o k_sin.o k_tan.o \
e_acos.o e_acosh.o e_asin.o e_atan2.o \
e_atanh.o e_cosh.o e_exp.o e_fmod.o \
e_gamma.o e_gamma_r.o e_hypot.o e_j0.o \
e_j1.o e_jn.o e_lgamma.o e_lgamma_r.o \
e_log.o e_log10.o e_pow.o e_rem_pio2.o e_remainder.o \
e_scalb.o e_sinh.o e_sqrt.o \
w_acos.o w_acosh.o w_asin.o w_atan2.o \
w_atanh.o w_cosh.o w_exp.o w_fmod.o \
w_gamma.o w_gamma_r.o w_hypot.o w_j0.o \
w_j1.o w_jn.o w_lgamma.o w_lgamma_r.o \
w_log.o w_log10.o w_pow.o w_remainder.o \
w_scalb.o w_sinh.o w_sqrt.o \
s_asinh.o s_atan.o s_cbrt.o s_ceil.o s_copysign.o \
s_cos.o s_erf.o s_expm1.o s_fabs.o s_finite.o s_floor.o \
s_frexp.o s_ilogb.o s_isnan.o s_ldexp.o s_lib_version.o \
s_log1p.o s_logb.o s_matherr.o s_modf.o s_nextafter.o \
s_rint.o s_scalbn.o s_signgam.o s_significand.o s_sin.o \
s_tan.o s_tanh.o
all: $(LIB)
@echo This package does not have a validation suite.
-$(RM) *~ #* core a.out
distclean: mostlyclean
-$(RM) $(LIB)
-$(RM) -r autom4te.cache/
-$(RM) config.cache config.log config.status Makefile
install: $(LIB) uninstall
$(CP) $(LIB) $(prefix)/lib/$(LIB)
$(CHMOD) 664 $(prefix)/lib/$(LIB)
$(RANLIB) $(prefix)/lib/$(LIB) || true
$(LIB) : $(obj)
$(AR) cru $(LIB) $(obj)
$(RANLIB) $(LIB) || true
maintainer-clean: distclean
@echo "This command is intended for maintainers to use;"
@echo "it deletes files that may require special tools to rebuild."
-$(RM) configure
mostlyclean: clean
-$(RM) $(obj)
source: $(src) README
-$(RM) $(prefix)/lib/$(LIB)