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/* @(#)fdlibm.h 1.5 04/04/22 */
* ====================================================
* Copyright (C) 2004 by Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
* Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this
* software is freely granted, provided that this notice
* is preserved.
* ====================================================
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
/* Sometimes it's necessary to define __LITTLE_ENDIAN explicitly
but these catch some common cases. */
#if defined(i386) || defined(i486) || \
defined(intel) || defined(x86) || defined(i86pc) || \
defined(__alpha) || defined(__osf__) || defined(__MIPSEL__)
#define __HI(x) *(1+(int*)&x)
#define __LO(x) *(int*)&x
#define __HIp(x) *(1+(int*)x)
#define __LOp(x) *(int*)x
#define __HI(x) *(int*)&x
#define __LO(x) *(1+(int*)&x)
#define __HIp(x) *(int*)x
#define __LOp(x) *(1+(int*)x)
#ifndef __P
#ifdef __STDC__
#define __P(p) p
#define __P(p) ()
extern int signgam;
#define MAXFLOAT ((float)3.40282346638528860e+38)
enum fdversion {fdlibm_ieee = -1, fdlibm_svid, fdlibm_xopen, fdlibm_posix};
#define _LIB_VERSION_TYPE enum fdversion
#define _LIB_VERSION _fdlib_version
/* if global variable _LIB_VERSION is not desirable, one may
* change the following to be a constant by:
* #define _LIB_VERSION_TYPE const enum version
* In that case, after one initializes the value _LIB_VERSION (see
* s_lib_version.c) during compile time, it cannot be modified
* in the middle of a program
#define _IEEE_ fdlibm_ieee
#define _SVID_ fdlibm_svid
#define _XOPEN_ fdlibm_xopen
#define _POSIX_ fdlibm_posix
struct exception {
int type;
char *name;
double arg1;
double arg2;
double retval;
* set X_TLOSS = pi*2**52, which is possibly defined in <values.h>
* (one may replace the following line by "#include <values.h>")
#define X_TLOSS 1.41484755040568800000e+16
#define DOMAIN 1
#define SING 2
#define OVERFLOW 3
#define UNDERFLOW 4
#define TLOSS 5
#define PLOSS 6
extern double ieee_acos __P((double));
extern double ieee_asin __P((double));
extern double ieee_atan __P((double));
extern double ieee_atan2 __P((double, double));
extern double ieee_cos __P((double));
extern double ieee_sin __P((double));
extern double ieee_tan __P((double));
extern double ieee_cosh __P((double));
extern double ieee_sinh __P((double));
extern double ieee_tanh __P((double));
extern double ieee_exp __P((double));
extern double ieee_frexp __P((double, int *));
extern double ieee_ldexp __P((double, int));
extern double ieee_log __P((double));
extern double ieee_log10 __P((double));
extern double ieee_modf __P((double, double *));
extern double ieee_pow __P((double, double));
extern double ieee_sqrt __P((double));
extern double ieee_ceil __P((double));
extern double ieee_fabs __P((double));
extern double ieee_floor __P((double));
extern double ieee_fmod __P((double, double));
extern double ieee_erf __P((double));
extern double ieee_erfc __P((double));
extern double ieee_gamma __P((double));
extern double ieee_hypot __P((double, double));
extern int ieee_isnan __P((double));
extern int ieee_finite __P((double));
extern double ieee_j0 __P((double));
extern double ieee_j1 __P((double));
extern double ieee_jn __P((int, double));
extern double ieee_lgamma __P((double));
extern double ieee_y0 __P((double));
extern double ieee_y1 __P((double));
extern double ieee_yn __P((int, double));
extern double acosh __P((double));
extern double asinh __P((double));
extern double atanh __P((double));
extern double ieee_cbrt __P((double));
extern double ieee_logb __P((double));
extern double ieee_nextafter __P((double, double));
extern double ieee_remainder __P((double, double));
#ifdef _SCALB_INT
extern double ieee_scalb __P((double, int));
extern double ieee_scalb __P((double, double));
extern int ieee_matherr __P((struct exception *));
* IEEE Test Vector
extern double ieee_significand __P((double));
* Functions callable from C, intended to support IEEE arithmetic.
extern double ieee_copysign __P((double, double));
extern int ieee_ilogb __P((double));
extern double ieee_rint __P((double));
extern double ieee_scalbn __P((double, int));
* BSD math library entry points
extern double ieee_expm1 __P((double));
extern double ieee_log1p __P((double));
* Reentrant version of gamma & lgamma; passes signgam back by reference
* as the second argument; user must allocate space for signgam.
extern double ieee_gamma_r __P((double, int *));
extern double ieee_lgamma_r __P((double, int *));
#endif /* _REENTRANT */
/* ieee style elementary functions */
extern double __ieee754_sqrt __P((double));
extern double __ieee754_acos __P((double));
extern double __ieee754_acosh __P((double));
extern double __ieee754_log __P((double));
extern double __ieee754_atanh __P((double));
extern double __ieee754_asin __P((double));
extern double __ieee754_atan2 __P((double,double));
extern double __ieee754_exp __P((double));
extern double __ieee754_cosh __P((double));
extern double __ieee754_fmod __P((double,double));
extern double __ieee754_pow __P((double,double));
extern double __ieee754_lgamma_r __P((double,int *));
extern double __ieee754_gamma_r __P((double,int *));
extern double __ieee754_lgamma __P((double));
extern double __ieee754_gamma __P((double));
extern double __ieee754_log10 __P((double));
extern double __ieee754_sinh __P((double));
extern double __ieee754_hypot __P((double,double));
extern double __ieee754_j0 __P((double));
extern double __ieee754_j1 __P((double));
extern double __ieee754_y0 __P((double));
extern double __ieee754_y1 __P((double));
extern double __ieee754_jn __P((int,double));
extern double __ieee754_yn __P((int,double));
extern double __ieee754_remainder __P((double,double));
extern int __ieee754_rem_pio2 __P((double,double*));
#ifdef _SCALB_INT
extern double __ieee754_scalb __P((double,int));
extern double __ieee754_scalb __P((double,double));
/* fdlibm kernel function */
extern double __kernel_standard __P((double,double,int));
extern double __kernel_sin __P((double,double,int));
extern double __kernel_cos __P((double,double));
extern double __kernel_tan __P((double,double,int));
extern int __kernel_rem_pio2 __P((double*,double*,int,int,int,const int*));
#undef __P
#ifdef __cplusplus
}; /* extern "C" */