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TODO list for libpcap
Important stuff (to be done before the next release)
- configure should not be in Git. Most open source projects have an script to run autoconf etc. after checkout. I think we
should stick to the standard.
- The source files should be better documented. There is no official
design guideline for what is done where. There should be a common coding
style (okay, you can guess that by looking at the code) and a guide for
what needs to be documented.
Less urgent items
- Better documentation and cleanup of the interface. I am seeing a few
problems at the first glance which needs fixing:
+ pcap_lookupnet makes little to no sense with protocols != IPv4
+ not very well suited for interactive programs (think ethereal). There
should be a way for the application to get a file descriptor which it
has to monitor and a callback in pcap which has to be called on
activity (XXX - "pcap_fileno()" handles the first part, although
"select()" and "poll()" don't work on BPF devices on most BSDs, and
you can call "pcap_dispatch()" as the dispatch routine after putting
the descriptor into non-blocking mode)
+ too many functions. There are a lot of functions for everything which
violates the KISS principle. Why do we need pcap_strerror, pcap_perror
and pcap_geterr?
+ the manpage has a brief description of each function but where is the
big picture? Seems like you need to buy UNP for that...