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droiddoc change: add flag to offline docs build to signal

that we're building offline docs so that we do not generate
all of the web pages for the sample apps source code.

This depends on change 33762 (sha I06c40454), meaning, this
will break the build without that.

Change-Id: Id2ee762de13f23c3da15d55e763c1838b11ac31c
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1 parent aff0508 commit 6a0262fafaf58a0675703f0e5a5fb77941b6e527 @scottamain scottamain committed with android-build SharedAccount Nov 20, 2009
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@@ -440,6 +440,7 @@ LOCAL_MODULE := offline-sdk
$(framework_docs_LOCAL_DROIDDOC_OPTIONS) \
$(web_docs_sample_code_flags) \
+ -offlinemode \
-title "Android SDK" \
-proofread $(OUT_DOCS)/$(LOCAL_MODULE)-proofread.txt \
-todo $(OUT_DOCS)/$(LOCAL_MODULE)-docs-todo.html \

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