Remake of classic Duck Hunt for the NES. Written in Python with Pygame
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Klee Dienes
Klee Dienes Add new registry functions to do basic coordinate resizing.
This is intended to allow resizing of the game window.  To minimize
the work involved, we leave all dimensions in the source for a 800x500
window, and then call the adjwidth/adjheight/adjpos/adjrect functions
to get the correct dimensions.

In, resize image assets to the appropriate size.  Also,
create new resource 'rsprites' to contain the reversed version of the
sprites, instead of flipping them every frame.

In all other functions, use the resize functions appropriately.
Change the duck icon width to 18 to match the source.
Latest commit 85c41d7 Jun 2, 2013


Duck Hunt Remake With Pygame

Duck Hunt is a fan remake of the classic NES game written in Python with Pygame.

Pygame must be installed first. On Ubuntu this can be done with simply:
> sudo apt-get install pygame
Alternately you can grab a copy from and add it to the directory.
To run the game, simply type:
> python

- Use the mouse to aim and shoot
- 's' toggles sound
- 'Esc' quits the game